You probably don't have time to wade thru the rest of this nonsense, so here's the skinny:

I intend to scratch build an ultra-light epoxyed plywood pontoon boat with a deck area of about 7 ' by 14' on 16 ' pontoons.
The craft will be powered by two 24V DC motors. The power will come from eight 12V Deep cycle marine (lead/acid) batteries that will be charged by solar panels and small vertical axis wind turbines.
The system will be split into two separate, isolated units
with one motor, two pairs of batteries, 2 wind turbines and solar array for each side.

The craft itself is still on the drawing board, there's some details left to work out but they're minor.
The current design displaces over 2200 pounds with only a 12" draught.

The plan is to take this boat from as far up the Mississippi as she can navigate down to New Orleans,
relying only on the solar and wind generated electricity she can create on board.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seems like I only open my mouth... change feet.

The Skipper of the Greenhorn I (who's also an EE) got me straightened out as far as what happens to the output of 12V wet cells when the power gets low.
Short version: my stooges switchboard is toast.
It's all good, all I'm out is the one sketch, I'm saving myself some hardware and the support crew is sleeping much better.
The "How to get electrocuted" in the last tag line didn't sit well.

I had planned on getting some of the newer prints up on the blog this weekend but there's apparently some kind of a software issues between my iMac at home and my iBook at Casa Support Crew.
Hopefully I'll make it up to you later this week.

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